2017-0109 : A Carrot-Turtle-Tribe / Polar-Bear-Ball Winter Game / Wednesday Night CTT Team League – Update Note to ALL :

January 09, 2017
Now in regards to :
Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball,  Wednesday Night Team League, & Polar-Ball Winter Game :
                                                             THANK YOU ALL ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This past weekend was an absolute blast, for many reasons;
–  The first winter storm for Long Island where NO ONE was supposed to go out  ! ! !
    26 Degrees F, with a WindChill of 6 Degree Temps! ! !
–  The first, to be annual, Carrot-Turtle-Tribe Polar-Bear-Ball Winter Game 2017 ! ! ! !
–  Thank you for the Surprise B’Day Party for this “O’l man” ( Damn, can’t make fun of Mike K any longer )!!!
–  Just about ALL of the New T-Shirts have all been sold.  I am holding a few for Mike S, Marihan, Cynthia, and Mainak, but I think I will have 1 Medium and 2 Small left???  +/-  They’re cool T’s, which I think are  good quality and will keep you warm ( used as a top layer in 6 degree weather! ).
–  AND…..my vehicle getting swiped by one of the “wonderful” plow guys on Wantagh Ave!!! 🙁
   UUrrghhhh….took out my Driver’s Rear View Mirror, and crushed part of my Door Window Rain Screen!
   Firstly, THANKS to all the folks at Seamans Neck Park for actually opening up the Volleyball Court Area and allowing us crazy folks to enter and play our Winter Game!  I was really surprised when I showed up that morning that the gate was unlocked and opened for us to come on in.
   Secondly, THANKS to George B and Chris B for coming down a bit early and helping me set up, AS WELL AS, Roy, Kate, Tommy, Patti, and all the rest for bringing down the other items and things to help us stay warm and survive our game play.  Roy, that space heater was AMAZING, and the hot coffee, apple cider, Hot Chocolate, and food bites were great!  THANKS.
   Thirdly, to those absolute crazy nut-cases, I believe the total number was 26 + Kate, that ALL showed up when I asked you to come down, and ready to jump in and start up gaming, THANKS.  It’s nice to know that I’m not the only Bat-Shit crazy person out there, and that my “inner-guard” players are true die-hards ready to go at a moment’s notice.  HHHhmm…..now I know how George Washington felt with his Minutemen, ready to go and do what’s necessary to get the job done! 😉  hehehehehe….
   Fourthly, Thanks to the folks at SHOOTERS Bar & Grill.  Great place, good food, good drinks, and I think we definitely will be back there for a few other up-coming events this year that we’re hoping to hold and do too!
   Fifthly, Thanks to the rest of you that journeyed out to meet up with the rest of us at the Bar and After Party.  It was MESSY roads, and kinda dangerous, but you ALL trekked out to join in, and I thank you!
   AND FINALLY, and on a very personal note, I can not thank you ALL enough for the thoughtfulness and generosity in throwing me not only a surprise birthday party, but the gifts, and consideration towards me.  It was completely unnecessary, BUT, I am truly grateful and wonderfully accept ALL the things you brought and gave to me.  Especially to my own Cuz Nicole!  You’re attention to detail, with the “gifts” and mockery, ALL packaged in the same gifts, of all the items you made and brought and presented to me and the rest was outstanding, again greatly appreciated, and more than I can show, or say, or write ( in an endless ongoing Sammy Email ) to show how much I truly appreciated it all ! ! ! ! ! !  Truly great.  Damn, this is really a “George Bailey – It’s a Wonderful Life moment” ! ! !  I really am choking up for all you guys did !
   In case some have not seen it, I’m adding the LINK to Roy Mauritsen’s Video Montage that he shot, and put together in less hours than it takes me to literally get up from my chair and go to the refrigerator!  It’s a wonderful overview of the Winter Polar Game, and is truly amazing ( well, to me anyhow! ), and I’m sharing it with the whole group!  Check it out, and enjoy!!!  Now I REALLY want a Drone with Video Capability for Aerial stuff!!!!  Hhhmm….gotta save my pennies for that one!
   I’m going to, over the course of the next few days, download to my computer, and then Upload everything I can to the Website and the Facebook Page, for all to check out and hopefully also download if you want, this video ( if possible ) and Pictures taken that day by me and the others that were nice enough to send and post them.  Keep an eye out for them!
   Again folks, I can’t say thank you to ALL OF YOU enough.  You say “I” do all the work, but it’s not really the only true fact that makes all of this stuff work.  I just maybe had an idea, and brought a ball and a ground line.  It’s up to ALL OF YOU to participate, show up, help out, and contribute to all the things WE do to make this all work.  So far, it’s been a blast to do, that is for the most part. 🙂  And we’ve got more stuff planned this season, especially with the edition of the Wednesday Night Team League.  We’re really becoming something more than just a few friends showing up every now and then to play a pick-up game. We’re a collective of similar thinking folks, with the intent on having FUN, playing the game of Volleyball which we Like, while being able to meet new people, make new friends, improve our own game, and come together every now and then to do even more.  I look forward with positive thoughts for our future things we’re hoping to do.  I hope to see more and more come on out and join in.  That’d be great!
   Hope that all got home safe from that day, and catch you SOON at the other things coming up throughout the rest of this year!
   To ALL, be well, best of wishes, and catch you soon!

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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