2017-0429 Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball – Weekend 2017 Opener – GAMES ON ! ! ! ! ! !

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball : Weekend 2017 Opener – GAMES ON ! ! ! ! !

Saturday – 04/29/2017 – Start Time : 9:30 am

Sunday – 04/30/2017 – Start Time : 4:30 pm

Do your best to get to the park as soon as possible to get all teams and games going!

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Welcome back all our SWV regulars, and welcome to all our new folks that will hopefully
become old regulars. ūüôā I’m happy to say that our 2017 opener down at Seamans Neck Park
is ON for this weekend, and start times are all listed above. ( the short version ).

To all our VBallers playing and all others that you could drag down to play as well.
PLEASE read through the “Rules & Intent” that we have developed and use in our
Volleyball League. These rules may and will be different from where you play typical,
but we’ve come up with our rule set in order to maximize safety and good gaming. Note one
important and standard item for everything. IF there’s ever any disputed play that happens,
1). Re-Do the play. IF that doesn’t fit the bill, then you’ll bring the question to ME and I shall
make the ruling on things. So, I think it best to play nice in the sand box, and have FUN!

Please note that this season we’ve also included an important document that ALL persons
must read through, understand, and sign & date and hand back into ME. The Player Waiver
form. This is the little bit of protection that is necessary for me to have, and you all to realize
that is needed, now that our small group has somehow grown into a more professional organization! ¬†Ahhh, growing pains. ūüôā

On that note, I am very much pushing and hoping that ALL players will help out and add in,
is the “Request” for $2.00 per person – per day for playing. This is a minimum “Contribution” that
I’m asking of everyone to chip in to help out for two reasons. 1). I would like in the future to pick
up some additional equipment ( Medical – Balls – miscellaneous “stuff” that we may and will need )
AND 2). HALF of ALL funds taken in, at the end of the season SHALL be gifted to the leagues
charity we’ve chosen; “St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital”. Last year we were able to give in a check
for $300.00 dollars. However, I believe that we can do much better. So, I’ll be relying on ALL of
you to help me out and kick in when we need to. Some of you have been very much OVERLY
generous on many fronts, and for that know that I know who you are, and am very, very,
appreciative for all that YOU have done. I can’t thank you guys enough! Hopefully everyone else
will follow suit, and in the end I think we’ll have one kick-ass ability to do several good things. ūüôā

A REMINDER to all, new and old guard VBallers, that when we’re out there playing, we do this
because we really like to play the game. We also like to make new friends and connections. I
hope that everyone will show respect and courteousness to one another and NEVER be rude or
spiteful. Let’s show good sportsmanship ALWAYS and make all games as fun, albeit hard played,
when we play. My hope is that we have really good games, where each of our abilities improve
playing the game, in a proper way, where whoever wins or loses a set, we still can walk off the court as good friends. OK, at least in a friendly enough way that we’re not murdering one another!

Maybe I’m just a dreamer here, but it’s something that we MUST stick to and something I require.¬†This is a public park, where ALL are welcomed. I hope that the better players will help the less skilled¬†players to improve their games, also where the more seasoned ( especially SWV VBallers ) can explain¬†to others that come from other places where they play differently. Conversely, all the new players¬†down at SWV, never be afraid of asking a question on why something was done, called out, etc.,¬†that you are either not familiar with or play differently somewhere else. We’ve got a large group¬†of mixed folks coming from pretty much all over the place, so there’s always going to be differences.¬†It’ll be up to each one of us to come together under the rules set forth to play the game the way it’s¬†been structured. Again, this is done for SAFETY, and to play a better game of Volleyball.¬†One other item that I had to explain last year and will do so NOW is, some of us crazy folks have played together for a long while. We know each other well, and of course, know how to push one¬†another’s buttons from time to time. HOWEVER, this is done in a Fun Way, and not really to be taken¬†in an outright evil or hateful way. Our humor sometimes becomes BLUE, although I try to tell ALL to¬†keep it PG-13 ( maximally ). Please do NOT curse or use profanity ( as I sometimes slip and do ).

Remember we’re in PUBLIC, and play in a public forum. We can have playful ragging between one¬†another, and nobody should ever take this too serious, but as I promise to you, I’ll ask of all to keep¬†it somewhat “light-blue” humor. Especially if ever a Park Personnel or those below 18 are out there. ūüôā

To all the new SWV players, know that there is NO TEAMS or CLIQUES ( yeah Patti – that includes
YOU ) that play down in our games. I will do my best to link up folks that do like to play with one
another ( I won’t be a dick all the time ), BUT, “I” am the one that will assign you to a court to play on when you get down to the park. So, when you get to the courts, come see ME, and I will set you up on¬†a team squad. As the day progresses, and things change ( people come and go ) we’ll shake it up, and¬†restructure the teams as necessary. Again, this is done to level out the playing field and try to balance¬†all teams as equally as possible. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes we need to “refine” things.¬†IF you have an problems or issues, COME SEE ME. And I’ll take care of it.

Last Note : Necessary Equipment : I bring as much as I possibly can to get everything needed
to play our games, other than what the Park already has set up and ready for us to play ( i.e the sand¬†courts, the posts and nets – which WE perform annual maintenance on to keep things nice and tight! ).¬† HOWEVER, IF you have special medical needs, PLEASE bring what you need to safely play the game. ¬†PLEASE ALSO note to me should “I” need to worry about anything in particular ( i.e. you are allergic¬†to bees etc ). It’d be nice to know, God forbid in case of an emergency. On that note, BRING with¬†YOU everything you personally need to play Beach Volleyball. In the 2017 Flyer, we suggest things,¬†but the typical items to bring are; Sun Glasses, A Towel, WATER, Foot protection ( i.e. Sand Socks ), Sun Block, A small Med-kit, MORE WATER, a good little cooler with ICE, as well as, layered clothing as necessary for the type¬†day and temperatures when we play, AND anything else that will keep you safe and going throughout¬†the day. If you don’t already have it, get a Duffel and fill it with all these necessary items. EVERY year¬†I keep yelling out to bring the essentials and not rely on anyone to have it for you. Every year there’s¬†always someone that doesn’t bring a water bottle, forgets foot or eye protection, etc.. These are simple¬†things. Make up a Go-Bag-for VBall, and you’ll never have a problem. Again, I TRY to have stuff that¬†as a group we will need, but I can’t bring for everyone and it’ll be up to YOU to BE PREPARED ! ! ! ! !

OK. That’s enough, at least for now. Anyone with ANY questions, you all know how to get me
easily, so do so. I’ll do my best to help you out in any way I can, BUT….remember this : I NEED YOUR¬†HELP just as much as I will do my best to help you out. If we ALL work together, we’ll have another¬†great season, keep things as safe as possible, and get the satisfaction of good games as possible.¬†Let’s all play good VBall, get others who are like minded down and recruited into our growing ranks, and¬†have a GREAT 2017 Season.

See you Out On the Courts Soon ! ! ! !

Cell 1-516-457-2876
EML sammyc@optonline.net


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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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