2017-0522 Weekend Recap & Notes . . . . . .

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
Weekend Recap & Notes. . . . . . .
Hey all,
Good evening.  Wanted to say a few things.  First off THANK YOU ALL to those that were able to make it on out both Saturday and Sunday.  The games went pretty good, I think everyone who showed up had a good time, and it was a good weekend.  Saturday seemed to be the better of the two days with much better weather, whereas it was a bit on the cool side Sunday.  But for the start of our season, the weather goes that way.
Thank you ALL who contributed to the Contribution jug too!  It really helps out, and I’m hoping we can also raise even more for St. Jude’s by the end of the season this year.  So, even though it’s NOT a requirement, I VERY, VERY much appreciate all that you can give.
On an administrative side of things, PLEASE NOTE that ever time you show up, I need you to SIGN in on the sign on sheet, AND if you are new please jot down your Cell number and Email so I can get you into the Email and Web rosters.  OR, if you’re information has changed, please also get me the update.  There are a few I need to talk to about that, as I got a bounce back on one or two and found out that the cell number also was wrong.  So, you helping me out with that too is appreciated.
As we get into the season, I’ll ask that for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s PLEASE get down to the park as soon as the time to do so is noted.  This is to secure the courts, and get full games going on as possible.  Some folks didn’t understand on Saturday, that one reason some teams played one another a bit much was due to the fact that folks drifted in, and by the time we had the round-robin gaming going, we somewhat had to double up on things.  So, the sooner you can be there, the better.
Next weekend is a Holiday weekend.  So, beyond any troubles with the weather, I am requiring for THIS COMING WEEKEND – both Saturday AND Sunday – you ALL MUST drop me back an EMAIL that you are coming or not.  We’ll need a minimum of 12 people for each day to make it work, especially for Sunday which for some reason this past weekend was a bit light.  Therefore, beyond the weather, the result of WHO GETS BACK TO ME will dictate whether or not we play on those days.  So, please get back as soon as possible to commit to playing one or both of the days so I can plan properly.
Last note in this week’s recap, is just to say when out there on the courts, ALL folks must continue to be courteous to one another.  IF there’s an issue with a play or question about something, again beyond playing by the rules we’ve set forth, work it out among yourselves and replay the play, OR ask me or Dennis Gorman for an official ruling.  We are trying to improve the level of games, and so it’s up to ALL OF YOU to call when you do the right thing, and should you mess up, Call it out.  It’s tough sometimes, but it will make for better overall gaming as things go on.  The THREE most important items to me that I want enforced is;  1).  NO KICKING.  Inadvertent, OK, but purposely done kicks are NO GOOD.  2).  NO HITTING OF THE NET.  This includes falling under and into the opposing side court.  If you Hit the net, in ANY way, and or go over the imaginary line below, you’ve fouled.  No exceptions.  3).  KNOW your typical position of play.  We are playing Co-Ed 6’s. Generally.  The Second Ball, for instance, is the “Setters” Ball.  It’s up to that person to either Get the Ball, and or Call for “HELP!”.  Again, no exceptions.  Remember, this is done MOSTLY for safety reasons, as well as, to play the game the right way.  For those folks that don’t get it, or don’t know, KINDLY explain things to them.  When we ALL learn the same rules to play by, things WILL get even better.  If folks don’t understand or know it, we ALL have to help each other out.  Simple enough to say, and I’d like that done by ALL.  Again, no exceptions.
That’s it for now, hopefully you are ALL well, and will continue to come down, and have fun, as well as, play great games.  So far so good!  Let’s make it even better.
Reminder, TO ALL, LET ME KNOW if you’re IN or OUT for next weekend ! ! ! ! ! !  It’s up to YOU if we play, well, you and Mother Nature!  🙂

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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