2017-0714 SWV Weekend Notes & Important Recap of Some RULES ! ! ! !

July 14, 2017 :
Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball Weekend Notes :
Weekend Schedule :
07/15/2017 – Saturday – GAMES ON.  Start Time 9:30am – 1:30pm
07/16/2017 – Sunday – NO GAMES !!! Postponed to next weekend.
Hi folks,
  Sorry about my Sunday group.  Just too much of a work load that needs to get done, so unfortunately, I will NOT be able to run things for this coming Sunday.  IF you can, please drop by Saturday to play.
   ALSO, there’s two important notes that I must again talk to the entire group about.  These two points are STRESSED because of safety.  We all realize that in sports crap happens, HOWEVER, there ARE RULES in place to try and minimize potential risks. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, AND TELL OTHERS ABOUT IT TOO if they’re too damned lazy to read the following  ! ! ! ! ! !
   TWO RULES that I include when we play;
   1).  NO hitting of the next, under ANY circumstance, as well as, NO going under the net into the other court, again, regardless of any reason!!!!   This is done to prevent people crashing into one another and force a stricter method of playing.
   Here’s the thing, and it is easy to say rather than do, but if you can get in the habit of doing, your game WILL improve.  IF a ball is hit on your side, and going into or very close to the net, the idea is to DROP DOWN below the net, facing parallel with the net and under the ball that’s dropping, and hit the ball back to your fellow teammates to get it over.  The other case is in a typical joust and or going for a popped ball above the net.  Both sides, and players going for that ball must stay clear and clean away from the net.  That’s going UP and coming DOWN as well.  It’s tough to do, but again, being done for safety and a better type of game.  Yup, all this IS easy to say and a bit hard to do, BUT that’s the rule.  Deal with it.
  Unfortunately, I’ve seen a rash of stupid playing.  Some folks rushing the net, going through it, and bumping into others on the other side.  This will NOT do.  IF you can’t control the ball, then maybe you should find another type of game to play.  Say rugby.  Again, if you do it, you’ll be called on it, as well as, when we ALL play, we have to be honest and call ourselves as well.  Some of you do this, and that’s much appreciated, however, some of you think….. well, frankly I don’t know what.  No one’s winning a car at the end of all this, no matter what you’ve been told.
   So the short of this note, PLAY CLEAN, try to control the ball better, and we will all work on improvement of our game!
   2).  The second item is pretty basic, and something that you should ALL KNOW even before coming out.  Again, in sports, crap happens.  BUT, we mus try to learn and understand Player Positions, and the importance of who should go for what, and when.  This is tough when not on a team, and thrown together, as everyone plays differently. Slightly.  However, we ALL need to work together, communicate together, while playing.  That way, again, a decent understanding is had, and people will play better while in the sand box.
   That said, something happened this past Sunday evening.  It shouldn’t and it was a mistake, BUT, had some things been explained to some folks, maybe this would not have occurred.  IN short, the Setter’s ball was rushed, and the setter took a hit in the face.  This caused a medical issue, albeit small, but if that was me, I know I’d be pissed as hell.  SO, I am going to explain how we typically play 6 Co-Ed, specific to the Setter Position.  Otherwise known to most as the 2nd Ball.  Also, position #3.  Most know this without exception, however, some might be a bit shaky on the rules or just never was informed.  Let this be the way everyone should be making it work while down at Sammy’s Weekend VBall.
   WHEN your team receives a ball ( served or hit over to your side ), the way things should go is thus;
The ball received is PASSED to the SETTER on the your Team.  For those who don’t know, the SETTER Position is the FRONT – CENTER player, position #3.
   It then becomes the JOB of the SETTER to get to the SECOND BALL to be hit, to PASS IT to one of the STRIKER’s on your team.  A Striker is one of the players in the FRONT – LEFT ( position #4 ), or FRONT – RIGHT ( position #2 ) positions.  The Strikers are then able to get that ball back to the opposing team.
   THIS said is the ideal way to play.  Don’t believe me, look at the College games, or FIVB rules.  Regardless though, that’s how WE TYPICALLY PLAY down at SWV.
   Now, since the world is NOT perfect, and if a ball is popped up by the first player and will be too tough to get to by the Setter, it’s ALSO THE JOB of the SETTER to yell “HELP!”.  That lets all the other teammates know to try and get the ball, again to pass it to one of the Strikers to get back over the net.  ONLY the SETTER can say HELP or not.  If another player tries to scream this out, it will only help to confuse things further.
   Again, ONLY the SETTER should be going for that second ball, without fail.  IF any other teammate tries to go for that second ball, it won’t only confuse the issue, create a sloppy game, BUT, will result sometimes in what occurred this past Sunday.  BANG! Two players collide and one, if not both, will be having problems.
   NOW, in my opinion and I highly also suggest this to all, The Setter should be able to quickly assess whether it’s worth trying to get the second ball or not, and quickly YELL HELP! to have one other teammate get that ball.  Since you are all thrown on teams for the day, or part of the day, it’s hard to learn how we all like to play with one another.  BUT, we MUST have good communication with one another always.
   EVERYONE should be talking with one another while playing, as this will help all work together, know what’s going on while playing, and do two other things; Control that ball AND try to not have stupid situations where we each go bumping off one another.
   For new players or very experiences players, THESE are part of the rules that are set, and that we must try to play with.  DO this and follow these things, and I promise that the games will be better, AND even more important, SAFER!!!  Again, these things WILL BE ENFORCED.  PLEASE PASS THIS INFO on to all people that come down and show up.  All my Veteran players, it’s YOUR JOB TOO to ensure the rules are enforced.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, than damn well say something.  For all you New folks, learn how we like to play so you’ll better fit in, and reduce the risk of doing something bad.
So let it be written. . . . . . So let it be DONE!
See you out there,

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