2017-0818 SWV-Wed Nite Team League Notice ( UPDATE SCHEDULE )

August 18, 2017
SWV-WNT Notice & Update
Heya folks,
   OK, slight chance to our schedule.  Due to the third week in September being chock full of holidays that I didn’t count on, we’re going to have to adjust things.  So, the following is the finalized season schedule;
Typical Wednesday Night League Play shall continue until the end of August.
August 30th, 2017 – shall be the LAST day of league play.
The following two weeks will be the Semi & Finals week days of play.
September 6th, 2017 – Semi-Finals.  Top FOUR (4) Ranking teams shall have play-off’s.
1st shall play 4th,  2nd shall play 3rd.  ALL other team folks are welcomed to come down and hang and watch as well.
September 13th, 2017 – FINALS ! ! ! !  The Top TWO (2) teams shall battle royale for the winner
take all games.  Best of 3.
ALSO : The two lowest teams shall also “Battle for the Bottom” game play.  Yup, there’s even a
trophy, but let me try to remember, is that for the lowest ranked team or the second runner up to
the lowest ranked team??? HHhhmmm……guess I’ll have to remember by the time the last
game is played 😉 ! ! ! !
Again, I hope that all other team players from everyone else shall show up and hangout while
the other teams play.
FINALLY, when all games are done, and we’ve completed what we ALL set out to do this season,
you are all welcomed to come and enjoy the Awards ceremony and hangout down at our favorite
little Bar and Grille we go to after Wednesday nights!
SHOOTERS Tiki Bar & Grille
#2109 Wantagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
I think by the time we’re done, packed & stacked, we should be getting to the place around
8:00 pm.
IF YOU CAN, please get back to me and let me know if you’ll be attending, and your team will be
there, etc..  The place asked if I could get them a somewhat accurate head-count.  So I’d appreciate
it if you could ALL LET ME KNOW !
That’s it for now.  Be well ALL, see you next time to conclude things by end of month, AND to have
the semi & final’s the two weeks thereafter.  Thanks to ALL who’ve been part of this, as overall it’s
been an AWESOME SEASON ! ! ! ! !  ( so far! )

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