2017-0915 Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball – Weekend Games & Other Notes . . . . . . . . . :) Yeah, a Long one . . But Important.

September 15, 2017
Dear Fellow VBallers,
Weekend Notes & More for ya’s, so please read through it all . . .
This is going to probably be one of my LONGEST emails – – – – – –
Yup, it’s a whole lotta Sh#$)_!!! at one time, But it’s ALL kinda important.
Good luck getting through it all ! !
   For THIS weekend of the 16th and 17th . . . . GAMES ON.
Saturday, Sept 16, 2017 – Start Time 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Sunday, Sept 17, 2017  –  Start Time 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
   Please come prepared, with gear and stuff you need to play, it’ll be hot so make sure you HAVE WATER at least, sand socks are always a good idea, AND PLEASE GET THERE ON TIME so we can ensure that we get the courts, and get full games up and running a soon as possible.
*** Patti !  IF you wouldn’t mind bringing your lines on Sunday again.  They’re simpler to put up and take down, and I’d appreciate that if you can.  I’ll break teams down to four ( or more ) again IF and WHEN we can get the bodies to do so.  Otherwise we’ll stick to the one court ( Court 1 & 2 ).  We’ll see.  This is assuming that you’re in and coming down???!!??
2).  Item # TWO : 2017 Team League
2017 Team League Season Finals :
   Congrats to the Teams that have gone the whole course of our very first, Wednesday Night Team League.  Even though ALL who play are winners in my opinion, here’s the pecking order that the teams came down to from First place to Sixth place;
First Place       –  Team Business Casual
Second Place  –  Team Spartans
Third Place      –  Team Ball Busters
Fourth Place    –  Team Alternative Facts
Fifth Place       –  Team Massive-Assives
Sixth Place      –  Team Mudville Plovers
   Again, Congrats to all ! !  No one got hurt, good games were had throughout, and overall things ran excellently throughout the whole season.  I’m proud of you ALL.   Next year there will be some updates and changes, and we’ll be getting on to those things in the next few months to prepare for Season 2018 to make it even better than this year.  See you all then and there!!!!
   PARTY  –  PARTY  –  PARTY   ! ! ! !    :-)
   END OF SEASON SWV & WNT VBaller & Friends Party ! ! ! ! !
   OK Kiddies, put down in your day/night planners – OCTOBER 21st, 2017,  Saturday,  Start Time : 8:00pm to about 11pm, or 12am.   Cost – $40.00 per person.  This will INCLUDE Drinks and FOOD and music ( by our own iPod playlist ).  We’re also working on a few other fun things to do that evening ( we’ll see . . . . ).
   I will NEED a head count, SO, PLEASE RSVP me ASAP ! ! ! ! !   Hope that EVERYONE get’s back to me ASAP.
4).  Item # FOUR :  WINTER GAME 2018
   Long Term Planning for Start of 2018  ! ! ! !
   The 2018 PolarBall – #2 Winter Game ! ! ! ! ! !  
   January 06th, 2018 – Saturday,  Start Time – 10:00 am  ( Will there be another Blizzard Day ??? )
   Yup!  We’re doing it once again.  I’m praying to GOD that all goes as well, and better, than last year.  This year we’ll have TWO space heaters, and I’m hoping for an even more well stocked and packed Hot & Cold Drinks & Food bar. 🙂
   I’ve initially worked out some initial details with the Park to let us in, AND hopefully “SMOOTH” out the sand courts before it all freezes up in January for us to play on!  I hope ! ! ! !   We’ll see about that.
   ALSO, I’ve begun the process of working with our very own Roy M to work up the Next / New Logo for the Next / New Player Jerseys for us all who play ( or want to support ).  Hopefully by late November or early December we’ll have those details worked out, and I’ll be taking orders of who wants to buy one, or two, or three, etc.. 😉  So, stay tuned for that.
5).  Item # FIVE :  Financial Status
   FINANCES to date . . . ….. The Money Jug Take-in :
   Thanks once again to our League Treasurer, Mr. Mike Kelly, here’s the low down of what we’ve taken in to the End of August / Beginning of September;
April/May  –  $ 400.00 Contributions
June         –  $ 170.00 Contributions
July           –  $ 192.00 Contributions
Aug/Sept   –  $ 230.00 Contributions
Total Take :  $ 992.00 Contributions to Date ! ! ! ! !  :-) :-) :-)
   Folks, what can I say but THANK YOU ALL who’ve given monetary contributions four our group.  This is TRULY AMAZING to me.  Right now, we’ve already taken in more than double than we took in last year, AND WE STILL HAVE SOME MORE TIME TO GO ! ! ! !  🙂
   So, if you can keep this momentum up, for those that can – again this is NOT mandatory – I am hoping that we can crack that $ 1,000.00 mark for this season.  We’re really close to it, and I’m hoping we can do it and more. Again, to reiterate, HALF goes to St. Judes Children’s Hospital ( This season’s charity pick ) and HALF will go to the gear ‘n stuff that I need to upkeep and buy more of for the group.
6).  Item # SIX : Additional Personal Notes
   That’s about it for now, as it’s about a mouth full and then some that I’ve already written to you all.  However, there are so many things going on at the moment, not to mention we’re planning some important additional pages to the webpage that I hope everyone will find useful and good for networking, as well as, some other ideas I’ve got in my crazy brain that I’d also like to see if it’d be at all possible to do for next season, as we’re close to the end of this season.  🙁  AND remember, we will STILL have other VBaller hangouts and things we’re looking to do even before the end of this 2017 year.  For instance, ANY takers to plan a date to go back to Oceanside INDOOR sand courts???  I say Pizza Party in the Sand?  What say you???  Things like that and more I’m hoping to do.  We’ll get to it, as long as I’m around to do it, you’ll hear about it from me.
   One more final note.  Both for all of the season in the Team League AND for all things done up to this point in our Weekend Games, I want to also personally say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL of you that have put in the time additionally and helped me out.  Both setting up, breaking down, learning how I need the gear set up and taken down and then lugged to my truck to be packed and stacked.  To those that have not only contributed into the money jug, but brought things down from time to time for everyone else, as well as, those that have helped me out to keep things running smoothly, THANK YOU.
   There are many of you, more than I can be fair and write out right now in this message tot he group without missing someone, but you ALL know who you are, and so do I.  I can’t thank you enough and appreciate all your continued help to make this all work.
   One especial shout out to our own Deputy League Manager – Mr. Dennis Gorman ! ! ! !  Not ONLY is he a very fine VBall player, but he’s been my right arm to get things done both on the court, and with our SWV webpage, as well as, be a partner in crime to derive our rule set for all of us to follow and run good games to ensure safe and although tougher, but better games to be played, and much-much more.  I can’t thank you enough man, and just want everyone else to know it!  Again, we still got a hell of a lot more to do, and keep up with, as well as, we even have to start NOW to work on things to hopefully ensure that next season kicks off without any ( or as little as possible ) problems that will pop up as we’ve just found out about.  So, Thanks!
   OK ( ok! ) that about does it for me right now.  We’ve hopefully got about 3 – 4 more weeks of weekend play – weather dependent.  Let’s continue to do our thing, do well, play hard, BE SAFE, and HAVE FUN ! ! ! !!!!!  Thank you all for making this dream of mine become a great big reality over time.
Hoping for even more!

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