2017-1026 SWV – Final Note and Thoughts for the 2017 Season . . . . . . . . :)

October 26, 2017
Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball & Wednesday Night Team League
Home of the Carrot-Turtle-Tribe & the PolarBall-Bear Winter Games   ;-)
To ALL :
   Well folks, we’ve finally finished up a really good season.  We’ve grown a bit more, and added a few things to our “league”, and overall for the entire season things ran smoothly and I think everyone had some good times.
   I wish to thank everyone that has been part of things this year, and as it’s a bit too much to name everyone individually, understand that I know who you are that helped me out, pitched in ALL the time, contributed in many, many ways, and helped me to run this thing we’ve got going to make it fun for all.
   Thanks to all the folks that showed up to the end of year bash.  Our group had about 33 + people in total that joined in.  Although I had to leave around 11:30 pm, I heard that many stood out having fun until around 2am.  Jeesh!  You guys are drunkards!  hehehehehe – just kidding.  However, I believe that all those that came had good fun.  That’s a good thing to hear ! ! ! !  I think the White Castle’s I threw down are still repeating on me!  Oh well, it was good at the time.  To that note, hope you all dug the Photo Boards I put together?  To let you know, the pictures of that evening, and of the photo boards, which basically recapped and were highlights for the season, I’ll be posting online to bother the Facebook AND our SWV website in the next week and a half.  Hopefully sooner than later, so keep an eye out for those should you like to download a pic or two, or two hundred !
   I also did the final count for this season in regards to the Contribution’s Jug.  In about a week or so time I will be able to cut a check in the amount dedicated to our fund raising for ” St. Judes Children’s Hospital “.  Thanks to ALL of you that contributed continually.  We beat out are number that we raised last year by nearly double ! ! ! !  lol
   The total we netted for the month(s) of Sept. – Oct. was $235.00, not too shabby!  This brought our total intake for the 2017 Season to $ 1,230.00  ! ! ! ! ! ! !  That’s a fantastic thing, and truly shows the generosity of many of you that made this possible to achieve.  Half this sum will be going to St. Judes, and the other half will be saved in reserve for some new gear, medical supplies, and perhaps a few other odds and ends that will help us out for next season.  On this, I can not say how humble and proud I am of all of you that really went the extra mile to help me out.  Thank you ALL ! ! ! !
   The Team League night we added this season, went very well.  Better than expected actually, and I would like to say that we’ll be mixing things up and vamping up things like the rules, times of play, and how we will be better able to run things next year now that we’ve learned things from this season.  So, for those that might be Interested and looking to maybe join up, either individuals or teams should reach out to me in about two to three months time to discuss things further.  We’re hoping that next season will be better even than this one was.
   Also, although “I” am done with running weekend VBall games for the rest of the 2017 year, we are trying to put together a few other VBaller meetUp’s and Hang-Out’s.  Things like another Bowling Night out,  another Day down at Oceanside “Endless Volleyball” ( or whatever the hell the place is called ), as well as, I’d like to see if we can put together a nice little Christmas & Holiday party sometime in mid December again as well.  Don’t forget also that at the beginning of 2018 we are again going to have our “now” annual Winter Polar-VBall-Bear Game : Polar-VBall-Bear Game 2 “Rise of the Carrot-Turtle”  –  –  –  OK, it’s a working title.  BUT, for all those brave enough to come on out, January 6th.  9:30 am START.  We’ll again be asking for a few to help out with our “Hot Station” – This year we will be including a Secondary Heat Lamp ( i picked up one this year – – – – Thanks Roy for the other one!  ), and we’ll again play for about 2 hours at least.  After the Winter game, we’ll be headed over to ” Shooter’s Tikki Bar & Grill ” for some liquid refreshment and food, and to laugh about what happens during the game.  More on all that as we get closer to the game day, BUT Keep an eye when I put out a blast for the New Winter Game Jersey’s too!  Currently, I’m working on an updated Logo, and will be going through colors and type of Jerseys. Total cost will be determined after I’ve got it all wrapped up, and ready to go and worked out by the print shop that we are able to select and use.  Hopefully we can get these done FOR the game, otherwise to be handed out as a mark that you’re a special kind of nutcase to play in the middle of winter.  So stay tuned . . . . . ! ! ! ! !    lol
   So gang, that’s about all for right now.  At least that I can remember.  I am old and tired, so if I forgot something, I’ll eventually get to it another day. 🙂   As I mentioned before I want to thank each and every one of you, some more than others.  Without all of YOU helping me out, showing up, continuing your support for what I try to do and put together, this “thing” would not be possible to do.  Matter ‘O fact, all it would consist of is “me”, holding a deflated volleyball, standing in the middle of a hot, and lonely volleyball court, with the park’s personnel most likely calling the police to get rid of the “weird” guy standing out there !    So, I hope that each of you will share in the joy that TOGETHER, WE have created something from only what was an idea and wishful thought from some six or so years ago.  Now, we have a roster with over 200 people on it, not that everyone always shows up, AND, we are rocking TWO sand courts on Saturdays and Sundays, and sometimes have up to FIVE Teams going much of the time ! ! !
Let’s see if we can kick that number up by 8, and actually get both days having round robins of SIX Teams going most of the time ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
( hehehehe – I know that Dennis HATES when I say this, but Damn the Torpedoes- FULL STEAM AHEAD! )
   Stay well ALL, do good things, keep playing good games, Look for future notices I’ll be blasting about other upcoming things, Spread the word about ‘Ol Sammy’s SWV and I’ll see you again soon out there, and then ! ! ! !
Best regards always,
C  1-516-457-2876
E  sammyc@optonline.net
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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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