2017 SWV Season FIRST TIME NOTICE – Weekend Games & the New Wednesday Night Team Games Informational Posting – Season 5 ! ! ! !

2017 Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball & Wednesday Night Team League
    Official FIFTH Season Coming Up Sooner than you’d Expect ! ! ! !
* * * *Official Kick-Off NOTICE to all my VBaller members ! ! ! * * * *
Weekend Volleyball games shall resume back down at Seamans Neck Park on;
April 29th, 2017 start time typically at 9:15 am for Saturday’s. 
                                    . . . . AND . . . . .
April 30th, 2017 start time typically at 4:30 pm for Sunday’s.

Wednesday Night SWV Team Games down at Seamans Neck Park shall start on;

May 17th, 2017 start time typically 6:00 pm…..SEE NEW ADDENDUM RULES ! ! ! !
ALL games are subject to Weather, and Seamans Neck Park Employee’s Allowances.  Please
keep watching for my MID-Week ( Wed or Thur ) post, as well as, any Last Minute Posts ( either
EARLY Saturday or Sunday or Wednesday notifications ).  I’ll do my best to always have us
play, as well as, figure out the weather conditions, etc.,  to do so, and I’ll do my best to always
post any changes as soon as I find out about them.  Stay tuned. . . . . …
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Good day to ALL.  I hope everyone’s doing well since we’ve last been together.  This notice is

being sent out to everyone via their EMAIL, and also being posted to the FACEBOOK page and
our SWV WEBSITE.  I hope that everyone will make use of all these sources of information as
best they can in order to be notified of the latest things going on with our group.
   In the future my emails will always be two parted – A short to the point first few lines on what’s
going on, and then if needed, a longer more explanatory message to ALL.  HOWEVER ! ! ! ! ! ! !
THIS email, my FIRST Kick Off Email to everyone is a REQUIRED READ.  I don’t care if it takes
you three days to do, I’m writing it, I’d like to mention everything important as few times as possible and I am asking that ALL of you read everything I’m sending to you ALL THE WAY to the end.  So here it goes. . . . . . . .!!!!!
   This email is important for ALL as it contains three (3) important PDF files in it.  The New SWV
Player Waiver form which ALL ( without fail ) must sign, date, and return to me.  The Latest and
updated 2017 General SWV Flyer with all our information to everyone which has our general
game rules, our intent of play, and map to Seamans Neck Park.  PLEASE help me out by getting
this 2017 flyer to anyone you may know that isn’t YET a member of our group, but might enjoy
some fun playing down at Seamans with us.  Also, the third PDF is for ALL the TEAMS that are
playing in our New Wednesday Night Team League, as well as, for all those of you who are on
our Free Agent Roster, the New 2017 Team Flyer.  This is a short add-on of sorts to our general
rules and intent flyer.  You will soon also be able to see the Team Game Schedules AND Status
of Teams in the near future as well.  Note that these THREE IMPORTANT FLYERS are at the bottom of this posting.  HOPEFULLY you’ll see and be able to down load them.  I hope !
   Please note, that I WILL have printed copies of ALL these PDF files when down at the
park, but IF you can get them this way, instead of waiting, we can take care of needed business,
as well as, everyone can familiarize yourself with all the important stuff before we actually get
out there to get going and play properly ! ! ! ! !
   A few notes ( OR as those that know me already know – Sammy’s Sermon of the Day! ). . . . .
   Last year was great, as well as, the Winter Game that was held this January!  In that light I’d
like to re-review for those that are my regulars AND go over some other items for all my New
Members to SWV gaming. 🙂
   First and Foremost, my mission statement for all of this is the following…..
It’s about Having FUN, Learning to play the game of Volleyball as well as you can, Meeting new
great folks that have similar likes, Networking with my fellow VBallers, Growing this crazy group
we’ve got already, Playing as good and strong a game as possible ( even though we have different
team squad mixes every day we play – other than our new team league night ),
AND LASTLY BUT MOST IMPORTANT, ABOVE ALL, . . . . . . B E I N G   S A F E ! ! ! ! !!!!
   That’s why I, and a few of my SWV Managers got together and worked out our Rules & Intent
and the New Addendum Rules Set for the Team League.  PLEASE  –  PLEASE  –  PLEASE  –  get
these files, print them out, READ THEM, KNOW THEM and USE THEM when we play.  We have
many people coming from different places, which use different rules or ideas on how the game of
volleyball is played.  However, down at Sammy’s Weekend & Wednesday Volleyball, we use the
game rules we’ve established.  This keeps good order, puts everyone on the same page, and
hopefully keeps the game fair, correctly played and SAFE. ( do you get that SAFETY is important
to me yet? !!! )
   One absolute general rule to all, SHOULD there ever be a disagreement on a game play, FIRST
if you can’t come to a mutual decision, or rules based explanation, THEN RE-DO the play.  IF,
however, this still doesn’t work for either of you, then you COME TO ME, and “Sammy” will render
the league decision on it.  That’s why MY name’s in the title.  Again, this is about playing well as
you can, BUT, but keeping the peace and having fun.  If there’s a problem, COME TO ME.  I’ll solve
 it if you can’t figure it out. Simple as that !
   In this regards as well, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is a requirement.  We will NOT tolerate anything
but.  Yes, sometimes your going to hear some folks making fun of one-another.  KNOW THIS, some
of us LIKE to make fun of one another, and understand that we are ONLY JOKING around.  Even
if it looks like we’re a bit “harsh”.  HOWEVER, it’s all in good spirit, as strange as that might sound.
BUT We do NOT tolerate any bad attitudes to one another, nor any other kind of undue cruelty.  If you
can’t play nice in the sand box, you will need to go find another sandbox.  I say this because every
year, it seems I need to REMIND everyone, BUT, I’d like to have it that now that I’ve mentioned it
and explained things, we ALL will understand what this is about, and get along well enough to have
our game play good.  You don’t have to like any particular person(s), but you ALL ( including ME )
must be respectful of one another.  Above all, there will be NO tolerance for any bad arguments and
or worse!  If that ever occurs ( which I hope it NEVER will ) you will be OUT of our league for good.
Again, I say it so we all understand, and hopefully this will pave the way that things like this will
NEVER HAPPEN.  Let’s keep it good out there!
   Remember that this thing works as long as folks show up, pitch in, follow our rules, and play as well as they can.  I also need all of YOUR help.  Help me grow this thing with new and good players.  From those that haven’t a clue, to those that are considered expert, we’d like them to join up and become member too!
   SO, if there are some people that YOU KNOW that might find it interesting and fun to come on by, by all means get them involved.  The more the merrier. I started this with 8 people.  My roster list ( not that all attend ) is roughly 200.  I’d like that to grow, especially with people that actually come down and play.
   In my opinion, JUST like the new Team Night we’ve added, we could have THREE TEAMS of Round-Robbins going on.  That would be the maximum group we’d like to see.  Last season, we actually hit that ALMOST.  It was interesting, but it’s do-able.
   ALSO, this season, IF we can grow things to that extent, I am going to TRY and get people that might even be sitting out to start participating in things in other ways.  LINESMEN!!!!  We need TWO per court.  If we had the membership on a full basis, we could add this to our gaming.  On that note, if anyone knows of a possible few Ref’s that might be interested in honing their skills in game control, have them give me a shout out.  I’d LOVE IT!!!! IF I had two ref’s for the games.  It would make things a bit more interesting.  Again, this is a goal, and hope that maybe if we got things to where we need them to be we could actually do that.  Hell!  It’s better than Jones ever did for me in the eight years of playing down there years ago! ! !
Hey Armand ! ! !   That goes doubly for YOU.  🙂
   For the Saturday and Sunday games, folks come down, and I ( or if I’m out one of the SWV
Managers running the day ) shall break everyone up into the teams that we’ll start to play with.  As
things go on through the day, we’ll change it, or not, as required.  SO, whenever you get down to
the park to play, do NOT just hop on a team, as I ( or one of my managers ) must try to even out
things when we play.  I do promise that I will try to keep those folks that like playing together, however know this!  There are NO FIXED TEAMS for the Saturday and Sunday games.  There are NO
B.S. cliques that some other groups form sometimes, AND the idea is that we try our best to balance all groups of teams that are out there in order to maximize the games we play.  Again, a simple understanding of this will make sense to all.  If, after things go, they don’t work out, we’ll CHANGE it.  BUT, “I” or “one of my manager people” will be responsible for assigning you to where you should play.
   IN that regards, IF you have an “Issue” somewhere, which is legitimate, COME TO ME and we’ll
again work out a “good” change.  By keeping to this simple rule, we should continue to have good
games through out the day, and as the day changes, so will the grouped teams.
   For one new item this season, we have a 2017 SWV Player Waiver form.  This form MUST be
written, signed and dated for ALL persons intending on coming out to play.  The form must first be
handed in to ME before you get on any of the teams.  ALSO, for any that are under 18 years of
age, you MUST have a parent ( or legal guardian ) Co-Sign the form and hand it in.  It’s a simple
item, and safeguards all of us, and I hope that everyone will understand.  Again, this is a new
add-on to what we’re doing and will be ENFORCED.  Sorry, but if this doesn’t work for you, or I
don’t get the properly signed in form handed in to me, then you’ll have to find another game
somewhere else, or wait until our group is done for the day.  Again, I hope you’ll all understand why
we must do this.
   Another topic of discussion that I’m really going to bother you ALL with is Urging EVERYONE, not
just those that do it every time ( and I appreciate and know who you all are ), is ASK, ( not demand
but ask ), ALL for YOUR help, collectively, to help me out a bit more.  You ALL have said to me you
are appreciative of what I try to do for you.  I thank you for that accolade, and very much hope that
everyone does have a good time out there when we play.  Some of you also go very much that extra mile, or two, or three, with your generosity.  Again, something that I love to see, and “I am VERY appreciative of ! ! !  I can not thank all of you folks that really help me out.  Whether it’s help with set-up and break-down, bringing food and drink stuff for the entire group to partake of, purchasing some of the “merchandise” such as the T-Shirts, etc., that we work up for the group, as well as, help out with the “ASKED” Monitory Contributions that many have given in to me.  All of this makes me very happy to see happen and very grateful that I get to meet, know, and become friends with some really great people.  Again, it’s been a blast so far, and I want it to continue and be even better.
   Last year we were able at the end of the season to raise enough funds, with a bit of side help, to
send a check in the amount of $300.00 to send into St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, as well as, kick up some funds left over to recharge some of the gear ( additional padding & new Antenna Posts ), and Medical Supplies ( which I need more of!!! ).
   THIS year, I hope we can do even better, and that’s why I’m asking ALL of you to help me out a bit more.
What I am proposing is this, that every time you show up for the day of game play you cough up $2.00 min. into the Contribution Jug.  That’s it, a $2.00 / person / day minimum contribution to our group!  If you’d like to contribute MORE, I’ll be doubly pleased. 🙂  If you do the math, with us having roughly 25 – 35 people show up every day we play on average, we should do much better than last year which will enable us to have an even better end of year Donation to St. Jude’s, as well as, it will really help me out getting some more needed supplies and maintain the gear and equipment we use ( and WANT ) to have when we’re playing. 🙂  Again, this is NOT a demand, but a request from you’re ‘Ol pal, Sammy.  I hope you ALL will participate, equally, and help me out for the good of the group and our selected charitable group.
   Due to the late date of Easter this year, it will push us back a week, from when we started last year. That’s why I’ve slated April 27th as the kick off for the Weekend Games.  Look for my Mid-Week and Final Up to the Last Minute posts ( IF any are needed ), and like last season, we’ll do our best to get in as many game days and weeks for the whole season, as well as, go as long as possible with the group.  BUT, please note that I highly urge you all to make it down ON TIME when I call for the Start of the day times, as we really would like to get the full teams up and running as soon as possible.  I understand that Saturday morning is a bit difficult for some, as well as, come the Wednesday evenings, it will be hard due to work, traffic, etc., but I again ASK that you all try to make it down when we ask to kick things off.  It’ll make setup SO MUCH easier.
   For the new Wednesday Night Teams, PLEASE READ THE ADDENDUM RULES!!! There are Additional Requirements that I am DEMANDING be followed by each of the teams, and are the direct responsibility of each of your team captains to follow.  Again, Get the New Season Flyer, Read the Flyer, Follow the Flyer ! !
   IF anyone has any questions or comments give me a call, an email, a text, etc., etc., etc.. to discuss.
THIS is the FIRST hopeful Annual Season for the Team Games, so lets try to all make it work, which means when we bump into something that doesn’t quite work out, it will be taken under consideration and if needed, altered to accommodate us ALL.  Like everything else we do, this is going to take a GROUP EFFORT to build up, make work, and make it great.  SO, I’m counting on each of YOU as well to help me out and make it so.   Who knows, in my crazy mind, if THIS works out, maybe next season we could even add on another day if we get the enrollment?!?!?!?!?  Time will tell, and I’m praying to God that we don’t have any unforeseen issue crop up, if we do, we’ll all do what we need to, to correct it.
   With the Indoor clinics all running roughly to Mid May, we picked a Start Date of May 17th.  Hopefully it’ll work out, and like the weekend thing, we’ll keep going until it will be not possible to do so.
   Dennis Gorman, my number 2 guy as you know, is working out a Team Schedule which we are going to hopefully have posted each week before Wednesdays.  Also, we’ll do our best to maintain and post the Stat’s of the teams.  If you read through the addendum rules, I’m hoping that at the end of it all this season, we will have One week of Semi-Finals with the top four teams, and then the final week will be the Finals with the two remaining top teams.  HOWEVER, we ALL play, and God willing, if we do our job right, ALL TEAMS will play one another as equally as possible.  Again, read the new rules set, we wrote it all up in there! ! ! !
   So, there’s a LOT of things happening this season even more than last year.  Lot’s of plates in the air, as it is kind of.  I hope that all of you will be back, I hope to see the new folks I’ve spoken to up to now, and I hope to even see the ranks grow a bit more as well.  I will do my best to have things all up and running when we hope they will, and have pretty much everything necessary to play.  YOU STILL MUST bring what you need when coming out to play; Clothing, Water, ICE, Medical Kit, Special NEED items, etc..  IF you have an allergy to something ( like bees etc ) PLEASE let me know.  Again, safety is paramount and it’d be good just to know if there’s any little important thing I should.  But, do NOT rely on others to bring what you need down when you join in.  We’ll have the essentials, and a bit more, BUT you need to bring what YOU need to safely play.  PLEASE refer to the Rules & Intent, as we’ve mentioned a helpful list to all of what you should have in your kit or available to you, to bring out when joining in.  Be smart, Be PREPARED.
   OK FOLKS!  I think for a FIRST TIME GROUP NOTICE, that’s enough for now so your heads won’t explode.  Just remember, you’re only reading this crap!  I’ve got to write it all out, get it across to EVERYONE, and make it ALL WORK somehow!
   In reality, it ALL only works with YOUR participation.  With YOUR Commitment.  With YOUR Understanding and pitching in, in all the ways I’ve asked for everyone to do.  I look highly to a good, even better 2017 Season.  I hope that we’ll all have a good time, play well, have good games, and no-one gets hurt.  At least while playing down at one of my things.  What you do on your own is your business. 🙂
   Thank you ALL for what YOU ALL have given ME!  My promise to you is that I will do my best to keep this thing we’ve created going strong, build it up even more, with good folks, and allow us all to get what we want out of it.  With your help I know we can all do just that.
   BE WELL.  PLAY GREAT.  SEE YOU SOON ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yours sincerely,
C  1-516-457-2876
E  sammyc@optonline.net

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