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February 02, 2018

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
Wednesday Night Team League
The 2018 Season Overview Notice :
Dear folks,
   This is a note to all that are interested in coming back, as well as, those looking to join up and play, in the Wednesday Night Team League that we started last year……and hope to continue this year ! ! ! !  🙂
   This season, as I’ve learned and had conversations with, and have begun the process of doing…. Will be a PAY TO PLAY season.  And that will be from now on forward, if we’d like to hold any Team League things.  The Parks Department requires that any time we have “Organized play”, we need to have the acquired Permit and Insurances in order to play at the park and reserve the right for us to do what we hope to do. Note that this is pretty much the rule in any park for that matter.  So, I’ve started the process ( actually back in mid November )  through the Town of Hempstead – Parks Department what to do, and at least I am happy to report that I recently learned that we have been granted the right to begin the process of pulling a permit for Wednesday Night’s – our Team League.  The paper work on this is coming soon to me as I was notified of.
   That being said, we are still working on all the other details for the Permit Process, including seeking out the most reasonable and obtainable Insurance plan.  Of course, this and the other things involved in forming our league, will all effect the costs involved, and therefore how much each of the teams will have to shell out.  We are hoping that details will be worked out within the next two weeks or so and my next email out shall have all the specifics, BUT, I wanted and needed to get the word out to all, at least generally at this point, for what will be coming up this year if we’d like to continue to have, hold and run our Wednesday Night Team League.
   In general, I want back and need at this time a Verbal / Email-Text commitment for a total of Six (6), Co-Ed, 8-person volleyball teams.  I need this by the end of February, so say by February 30, 2018.   I am also working on the required Team Forms that will be the responsibility of each team Captain to get back to me.  In it will be the breakdown of the Team, Names, Addresses, and contact info, which MUST ALSO be handed into the Town of Hempstead Parks Department, to show proof of the six team minimum and who is playing down at the park.  Again, more on that in later emails.
   Figure by the middle of March, around March 14th, I will need the Total Fee Paid by each team in order to secure both the Permit and the Insurances, such that by the time we expect to begin the season, which at this point is around April 18th, we will be ready to go.   I also realize that for the first week or two, the scheduled days of play may need to be also altered since I’ve found out that some, probably all, indoor clinics now about to start, will end at the end of April, or the first week in May.  Again, we will be working out the full ( hopefully 20 week ) schedule and sending that out in the later emails as well.
   Last year’s season was very good, and great start to things, however we did learn some things as well, and so, this season we too will have an Updated Rules Set, and notes on how we’ll be scheduling things, etc..
   Please note that in regards to the Teams that want to play, as well as, some of you that are out there and looking to get on-board with teams, will be a First Come – First Serve process.  The First Six Teams that are able to Commit,  Pay in Full, and get back to me all the necessary information I need for things, will be the one’s to make up this season’s league.
   Again, we’re hoping to have a full (20) twenty weeks of game days to play ( weather and holiday permitting ), and then (2) two days of Semi and Final Games playoffs.  Last season, where we had the last two sets of finals on Saturday morning worked out really well, and we may make that a set thing as well.  That will ensure we’ll have the time, the light, and the place to do what we’d like to.  Again, we’re working out all the details to things, and as we get things done, we’ll be sending out emails to you to follow-up on.
  So, at this point, the bottom line is;  One – This will be a PAY to Play league from now on ( as required ), and Two – We need to begin the Team Lineup ASAP, so everyone interested please get back to me ASAP ! ! ! ! ! !
   More to come, so stay tuned ! ! ! !
See ya’s all soon,
C  1-516-457-2876
E  sammyc@optonline.net

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