2018-0217 – SWV NEW 4’s CoEd Team League Day Added ! ! ! ! ! Hot off the presses !!!!!

February 17, 2018
Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
NEW 4’s CoEd Team League Day Added ! ! ! ! !
Hot off the presses ! ! ! ! !
Heya ALL,
–    We have some good news to report to everyone that we’re now able to let the group
know about.
–   We have been able to put together another day, MONDAY’s, dedicated to 4’s CoEd 
Team League Play for this season.  Same Time slot : Start 6:15 pm to end 8:15pm (-/+)
Here’s the basic information in regards to this new day and 4’s CoEd team league :
Cost per Team will be . . . . . $ 240.00
We are going to try and also have a full 20 weeks of play, with 2 days of finals.
Each player MUST have their Volley America Number
IF you are a Non-Resident of Town of Hempstead you’ll owe an additional $16.50
The Team Captain MUST obtain, fill out and return the Roster Form completely
filled out with all team players info, and calculated fee for the team TO ME ASAP.
–   Things will work similar to our Wednesday Night 6’s Team League, with just a few
minor rule changes, but pretty much things are the same.
–   We need SIX (6) teams to fill the gap, and it is recommended that each team has
Six (6) members.  ONE NOTE that is important, you MUST have at least ONE (1)
lady player on the team and playing during the nights play.  This is a special rule
by our league.  We want a CoEd league whenever we play, and this way we shall
continue in that philosophy.
–   So, if you think you have a CoEd 4’s Team that wants to play on Monday’s with us
this season, LET ME KNOW ASAP.   Similarly, if you think you’d like to be a Free
Agent, and or if you’d like to play, but don’t have a team, LET ME KNOW ASAP too !
–   OK, this has to setup quickly, so we can ensure if we’re going to be a 100 % GO or
not, so I hope that I get the responses I need, when I need them from our group,
however, note that just like the latest Wednesday Night Notice that went out, we’re
sending out a blast to other sources SOON as well !
Regards !
E  sammyc@optonline.net
C  1-516-457-2876
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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