2018-0628 SWV Weekend Gaming & Notes . . . GAMES ON :

June 28, 2018

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
& Wednesday Nite CoEd 6’s Team League
SWV Weekend Games & Notes :
Saturday Open Games – GAMES ON – Start Time 9:45 am
Sunday Wed. Nt. Makeup Games – GAMES ON – Start Time 4:45 pm
   This weekend looks like it’s going to be a HOT ONE!!!! So, PLEASE come prepared.  WATER, Ice in a Cooler, Sun Shades, Foot Protection = Sand Socks or equal, and all other items you need to play well and safely.
   PLEASE arrive on time when we start to ensure that we get the courts, have no issues, and get full games up and running as soon as is possible.
   See you all then and there!
= = = = = = =
OK – NOTES for the ENTIRE GROUP ( Team League and Open Play group ).  The following notes and reiteration of the rules we play by are CRUCIAL to ensure SAFETY and good play.  PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL.
General Notes in regards to Rules and Game Play. . . .
   To everyone, there are some things that have been going on which needs to be checked and changed.  We have rules.  They are mainly done for Safety and proper Game Play.  I am in need of addressing some items at this time, as some things for the last several weeks have been going on are causing issues.  These are NOT specific to any one person, but rather are reminders to ALL in order to avoid future issues and problems and, of course, for SAFETY purposes. Please give this all a read through.  It should be simple, or as best as I can try to explain.  However, IF you have any questions or comments feel free to discuss it with me at some point.  SO, without further ado, here we go…
Rules that MUST followed :
1).  When playing, a basic first note that we all must abide by is Touching of the Net Violation.  There should NOT be any touching of the net, ever.  Especially people slipping under and beyond their side of the net!!!  IF someone touches the net, and or crosses beneath the net into the other court, regardless male or female, and beyond even half a foot, that shall be considered a Fault Violation.
   IF it has been noticed that someone touches the net during a play due to their play, it should be called out by the team captain of that team, and or brought to the attention of the team captain who shall bring it to the attention of the other team.
   PS – For OPEN game play, (1) person on that temporary team shall be considered the Captain, in order to make life easy ! ! ! ! !
   IF there is a disagreement to the call between the team captains, the play should immediately be REPLAYED.  However, it there is a clear cut and obvious notice that someone touched the net during the game play, it is the responsibility of the team Captain that has the player which caused the fault to call it out, i.e. “Self Reffing”.  However, if another team Captain brings the fault out to the attention of the other team, which might not have seen the fault occur, the two captains will discuss it and determine IF the play is to be replayed, and or if agreed that the team that made the fault loses the ball, and a point is scored by the other team.  It’s up to each team Captain and team member to play well, safely, and by the rules.
2).  Another few issues that I’ve seen happen during game play which must be changed are the following issues;
      A.   There is to be NO EATING, smoking, gum chewing, etc., during game play.  What happens is, things will eventually hit the sand courts, and get buried, that is until someone else walk on it.  A MESS occurs!!!  I saw this happen, and am asking that you captains please explain to the rest please don’t eat or drink while playing ON the courts.  Also, please make sure that the areas directly around the courts are FREE from obstructions!!!  Cans, personal belongings, Stuff, etc., is being left around the courts where folks run around on.  If there’s cans and or any other junk strewn around, it poses a risk to folks.  PLEASE have all items that people bring and or seem to need, to be placed either on the Deck ( for court one ) and or on the Concrete Curb ( for court two ).
      B.   Players are NOT to wear jewelry, watches, etc., on their persons while playing.  Simple fact is sometimes two or more folks will run to get a ball.  If they go up for it, the chance that someone wearing things, could scrape or strike another player.  That causes obvious problems, and is easily remedied by NOT WEARING CRAP when you play.  The other option is TAPE YOUR CRAP TO YOURSELF OR TAPE-COVER IT.  Look it up in FIVA, that’s an actual rule.
      C.   PROPER FOOT WEAR is important, not only to yourself but to protect others.  Please wear only acceptable footwear when you need it; i.e. Sand Socks, etc., but refrain from wearing boots, sneakers, or shoes, etc., as these items pose a risk when folks play to close to one another.  Don’t believe me? Ask around!!  There has been a few collisions recently, where some folks have become injured due to “being walked on” and or run over, by others wearing the wrong footwear on the courts.  Please ensure that all folks are using approved stuff when playing.
3).  Another Rule Infraction that seems to be going on and causing issues is when teams play, they  MUST play until till the END of that play BEFORE making a call about an infraction/violation of the rules if that occurs.  We have noticed that sometimes folks grab the ball, stopping a game play mid way, to make a call about a rule violation etc..  IF there’s an infraction/rule violation, it should be brought to the CAPTAIN of the team that a violation occurred, and NOT brought to the other team by an other team member.  ONLY the Team Captains should be calling out Violations and have a quick discussion about what will be done.  Hopefully by the team that made the violation will call things out, as we play Self-Reffing Games.  And this will be done ONLY AFTER the game play is completed, and NOT before.  This is to prevent the flow of the game, and the possibility of a wrong call by someone, ESPECIALLY if it’s not the Team Captain declaring the issue.  Team Captains are the one’s to discuss violation(s) that occurred and will determine what shall be done – Again, it will either be; REPLAY the play or Loss of Ball and Point to the opposing team.  Poop happens, but WE can do our best to reduce problems BEFORE they happen, AND to keep things civil.
So, if you see something, bring it to the Team Captain, AFTER the play is over and done with.  The Captain will take it from there.
4).  A reminder and follow-up again to the Team League crews….ONLY those folks that have VolleyAmerica Numbers IN GOOD STANDINGSANDAFTER an updated Roster has been submitted to the League Commissioner for Final Approval!! ( THAT’s ME !!! ) is someone allowed to be used as a fill in.  The Captains of each team are responsible for this, and so PLEASE make sure that if you’re needing to add a few folks to the team, get them to get their Insurance AND then YOU get an updated roster form to ME ! ! ! !
   Again, please understand WHY these rules are there, and why it’s important for us ALL to play by them.  Sometimes there will be “grey areas”, but things will get worked out.  I HOPE that everyone will abide by the rule set we have, play as best you can, to ensure Good Games and of course SAFETY, and ALWAYS – ALWAYS play using good sportsmanship ! ! ! ! !  Let’s have some FUN and go home at the end of the day the same as we came in.
   Be well ALL, and hoping to see everyone soon!

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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