2018-0804 SWV Weekend VBall . . . . SUNDAY – SUNDAY – SUNDAY : Games ON : Start Time – 4:00 pm ! ! ! !

August 04, 2018

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball                                                                                                                            & Wed. Nt. CoEd 6’s Team League

OK folks,

To NOT lose the entire weekend of game play, this weekend we will have a special Make-Up Game for the loss of this Saturday.   SO, be there on time to get full games up and running as soon as will be possible.  SUNDAY – August 5, 2018.  Start Time 4:00 pm.

Enjoy, play well, play safe, and HAVE FUN ! ! ! ! !

Look for Dpt. Commish Dennis G. who’ll be running the Sunday Games !!!!  I will see you folks in about two weeks time or so.

ALSO, please let Dennis know WHO’s interested in the New 2018 SWV League T-Shirt.  An amazing Dark Blue Logo on a Burnt-Orange T-Shirt.  $20 / T is all ya gotta pay.  Let Dennis know how many you want, and what sizes you need, and in roughly (2) weeks time you’ll be a proud new owner of one of these babies!  We’re taking orders NOW through the next week, so get back SOON or you’ll lose out unfortunately.

Later!  SammyC

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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