2018-0821 – SWV / WNT : Semi Finals & Finals Game Day Notes : . . . . . .

August 21, 2018

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
& Wed. Nte. CoEd 6’s Team League
League Captains & Team players Notes :
Semi-Final Games ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  Wednesday, August 22, 2018  Start Time 6:15pm SHARP!!!
   Captains please SHARE this email with the rest of your teammates.
   First, I’d like to THANK ALL for participating in this seasons Wednesday Night CoEd 6’s Team League.  Overall things ran very well, and games were good.  I hope that all had a good time playing, and that we’ll end up things as well as we began.   Just a note, we’re already in the planning for NEXT SEASON, so as soon as you figure out what you’re doing, and if you want to be part of 2019 Monday or Wednesday Night, CoEd 6’s Team League days, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible!  😉  We’re growing, and would love it for our regulars to continue on with us.
  So here we go with Semi-Finals and the Finals Games notes…..
   This Wednesday will be the Semi-Final Games.  Right now, games are ON, UNLESS the weather decides to become bad all day long, we are a go.  IF we need to postpone things, I will put out another email by 1pm-2pm Wednesday and let you know.  If we need to postpone, what will happen is we’ll move things to the next Wednesday, and continue to do so until we’re done.  Weekends just haven’t worked out for us this season.
   IF you look at the standings page off the SWV website, you’ll see where all teams wound up for this seasons regular play, and so for tomorrow’s games ;
COURT ONE :  Volleyball Villians  vrs  Spikeological Warfare
COURT TWO :  Pirate Tigers  vrs  The Ballbusters
   Games will be played Best of THREE.  Where the First Two Games are to 21, with a cap of 25.  The Third Tie-Breaker Game, if necessary, is the FIRST TO REACH 15…sudden death match!!!
   Also a recap of the rules, the ONLY players allowed to play in the Semi-Finals and Finals Games are those teammates that are on your Roster.  NO SUBSTITUTIONS are allowed in these games.
   Good luck to ALL teams!  The Two Winners of this week games will play for First and Second place in the Finals Games.  ALSO NOTE that the other two teams shall battle it out for 3rd place in the Finals Games of next week!
We HOPE that the Fifth and Sixth place teams in the league will also drop by to help out, and watch the games of the Semi’s and the Finals Games, and afterwards maybe all will head out somewhere for some adult beverages and food.
   That’s it for now.  Any changes or updates, I’ll post a note as soon as I can.  I’ll be checking the weather closely, as well as, all else.  Hope to see all that can make it on out and looking forward to see what happens with all teams.
C  1-516-457-2876
E  sammyc@optonline.net

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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