2018-1029 SWV Note : My day with Anthony & Patti Giordano . . . . . :)

October 29, 2018
Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
& other stuf . . . . .
Quick update with Mr. Anthony Giordano & Family :
   Hi folks, Sammy here with a quick note about my weekend visit with Anthony and
his lovely wife, Patti Giordano.  🙂
   Well, I am at least able to report back that Anthony is doing much better than I had
originally feared.  “He” met me at the door, alone, without any aid in his walking.
He looked really good, although a bit tired of everything that has, and continues to go
through, as well as, family has to deal with as well.  BUT his chipper attitude, and
amazing spirit continues onward, upwards and to only better things.
   Anthony is a fighter, if nothing else, and as we know him, example, when he continued
back to “work on his serve” AFTER a full day of playing outdoor sand court volleyball,
he’s doing his best to work on his motor skills, etc., in the hopes for a full and 100%+ recovery
from this illness that he’s dealing with.
   He and his wife, are truly amazing folks.  They’ve had it hard, but they are not allowing
those tough times in life to get in their way, and not without fighting back just as hard as things
come at them!
   I feel lucky to know Anthony, and now his wife, and of course, we ALL wish him a full
and quick and pain-free as possible recovery, as well as, we wish only the best and
problem free, times for him and his family.
   I was able to present to him the gift from those who were able to contribute to me for
Anthony and his family, and I saw that they were touched and appreciated by our offering.
Anthony also told me to say HI and thanks to the rest of the whole gang on his behalf,
as he would always do regardless.
   Again, a shout out to OUR SWV group of those who contributed to Anthony.  We were
able to raise, in the short period of time to do so, the amount of $650.00 PLUS a Cheese
Cake from Stew Leonards Supermarket, from down here in Farmingdale, NY.  All of which
I know will go a ways to help Anthony and his family do all those things that they’ll be needing,
and will be continuing, to do for some time to come.  Thanks to the following folks;
Mike Kelly
Bob Rozakis
Alan Frange
Chris & Melanie Buscuiti
Paulene Psomas
Lil Greiner
Andrea McLoughlin
Dennis Gorman
Patti Bigliani
Dean Camarinos
   You folks are amazing people too, and your kindness is well appreciated!
   Just in case there are others that would and could help out, there’s a web link to the
Family’s “GoFundMe” page, which I found out one of Anthony’s Cousins set up for them.
The link as is follows;
   Anthony and Patti told me that the GoFundMe page is doing well.  I think if you copied
and pasted the link into your browser you should be able to get to the page to donate
anything you’d like if possible.  Drop me a note back should there be any issue with that.
   So, after spending a few hours with Anthony and Patti, and probably boring to death
Patti, and making Anthony chuckle a bit, I bid them a farewell for now, and promise that
when he’s better, we’ll all be waiting for him to get back out and play in the sand some more
with the rest of us.  At the very least, should we all do any other VBall hangout thing, maybe
they might be able to come out and join us for a while?  Time will tell, but I’m hopeful.
   And that’s it for now.  Anthony, and his family, will have a long road to travel for full
recovery, but if I know anything about Anthony, he’ll try to find a way to chop that time
down a bit. 😉
God bless ALL, and see you next time ! ! !
Ant’s GoFundMe :

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