Mid-Week Notice : Games ON for this coming weekend – May 14th Sat / May 15th Sun : PLUS Important Topic Notes to ALL . . . . . . .

Mid-Week SWV Notice :

May 14th Sat & 15th Sun – Games ON . . . . . . . .
Saturday Start Time :  9:15 am ( typical unless otherwise noted )
Sunday Start Time :  4:30 pm  ( typical unless otherwise noted )
The weather looks to be pretty good, although might be still on the cool time, especially for Sunday evening, so dress appropriately, and bring what you need to play Sand Court Volleyball.
PLEASE try to come on time, although we do have folks coming and going for a good portion of the day.  This is try and ensure that we get the courts to play.  Hope to see all there.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
OK. That first quick note was for those who think my emails / postings are too overwhelming for them, and they can’t bare to continue to read ( as reading is probably dead in this nation ).  The next part is for ALL, and there’s some other important notes and topics that we need to discuss to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands how we go about the day playing with one another.  So that being said;
. . . . . And now for some other news . . . . . . .
SWV Game Etiquette :  Some notes that I must bring up as I’ve gotten feed back from some folks in regards to a few items.  To try and clear everything up please note the following;
Firstly, I hope that everyone has fun down at Seamans when we all get together and play.  That’s the bottom line and intent, as well as, hoping that we’ll be playing better through what is pretty much our endless scrimmages of practice game play.
I assign folks to the teams.  There are no established teams, and or cliques of folks that play.  We get those that show up, and hopefully, based on my best judgement that I can make, put folks on teams to try and balance everything out.  This will change as the day goes, and we’ll mix things up as required.  Again, this is to try and allow everyone to get in on the games, and to try to have good games as we can.
Secondly, is our “friendly banter of B.S.” to one another.  We do NOT allow un-sportsmanship, or outright rudeness.  That crap won’t be tolerated.  However, we DO allow mockery and junk talking one another AS LONG AS IT’S IN A FUN LIGHT.  Some of you have noted to me, and others, that you felt that some folks were hurting the feelings of other players, and it seemed strange.  Again, we are out there to have fun with all this, and as long as people understand we all ( that is the regulars doing this for a long while together now ) joke around with one another, and even when it might seem a bit harsh, it’s really JUST in FUN and in general MOCKERY, and NOT to purposely make fun of someone or to hurt the feelings of someone.
However, IF you get insulted by this, PLEASE come talk to me, and I’ll set things straight.  IF you see this being done by one person to another, you should see that it goes back and forth, and is done in a COMICAL way.  And well, yeah, maybe somebody might get a bit stumped by what’s said to them ( YES LIKE WHEN DENNIS YELLS AT ME!!! ) it’s still to be taken with a grain of salt, and harmless fooling around with one another.  I don’t mind ( especially cause I know what car Dennis has ) and at the end of the day, the one with the best LINE OF THE DAY wins bragging rights, and can continue to mock the one who screwed up something. 🙂  So, please feel free to jump in and KID AROUND with others you see out there, but do it as long as it’s for the JOKE, not to hurt someone deeply and leave them scared – or worse – have them to opt OUT of wanting to come back and play with the rest of us.
Please try not to take offense if somebody makes a silly remark at you, and or teases you out on the court, if it does happen, it’s done only in fun.  Usually it’s said and done by players who are generally harsh, old, have an unstable mind except for quick quips, can’t play very well any longer and need to take their own personal frustrations out there on those that are generally better than they are, BUT I digress…..   In reality this is done to make everyone laugh and stay loose while playing, even for the person that it’s said about. Try NOT to take things or yourself too terribly serious and you’ll have a good time. However, if you do not like this happening to you, let me know that you have an issue and I’ll make it right. I promise everyone that.
Thirdly, and hopefully for the first and last time I’ll ever need to speak on this topic – especially because “I” am also very guilty of this at times more than I’d like to be – L A N G U A G E use on the court.  Yup!  I have received some complaints from different sources.  And frankly there’s no defense of this, and they are all right.  The language sometimes get’s a bit loud, and a bit nasty.  It’s not that it’s even ever said from one person to another, but just in general.  SO, an added Ethic’s Rule for all of us ( Yup, this includes ME! ) Let’s try our best to curb the drunken Friday night bar hopper talk.  ESPECIALLY when there are some young’ins in the mix.  I understand that a “word” every now and then is going to happen, it’s the nature of the beast, and especially sometimes when hard play goes down and frankly we’re not Amish! ( not to mock ANY Amish out there – We’ll take them on in a game any time ) – but sometimes when things get heated and then ends abruptly a word like “*$&%!!!” is yelled out.  ( YES, that’s probably ME again! ), But we ( including myself ) need to be more conscience of what we’re saying, when we’re saying it, and in front of whom we are saying it.  I think this will make ME much more quieter out there ( Guess you all will like that…. )  However because of some of the sources I’ve heard this feedback on, I am asking everyone in the group that likes to use the more “salty talk” to be expressive of themselves, as I do, to try and cut back on it.  If all together just don’t do it ( or say it very, very, quietly to yourself…..good luck on that one ).
. . . . . . . So, some hard topics that we’ve needed to talk about in this note out to all.  I hope that you will all agree with my decisions, views, and reasons, and that this will also HELP to make everything a bit more fun to play with, and allow everyone who wants to to come out and play, to have fun, AND make fun of Mike Kelly, Dennis and RJ ( oops! did i say that aloud?? ), I hope these ideas will allow folks to be a bit more comfortable, and conscious of what we’re doing, and frankly, allow folks to get along a lot more easier.
Let’s have some FUN.  The weather this week, although a bit cool still, looks to be good.  Better and warmer weather is COMING SOON!!!! ( get you foot protection! ), and I do hope to see EVERYONE I send these notes/email/posting/carrier pigeon – long winded – book like – scrolls of wisdom – to DOWN at Seamans Neck Park when we play VOLLEYBALL !
Peace!  See you There . . . . . See you Then !!!
Cell  1-516-457-2876
Eml   sammyc@optonline.net

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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