Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball – Weekend ReCap :)

May 02, 2017

Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball
Weekend Recap & Notes :
Hi all,
   Dropping a short note on things going on, and the past weekend gaming days.
   We had a great 2017 season opener.  Saturday we had 33 people show up, and were pretty much rocking five teams most of the day.  Sunday we had about 21 people show up, and played a decent amount of games all evening long.  THANK YOU to all the folks that came out, played well, and participated in all aspects of what we’re doing.  So, for a start to the season I’m very pleased with how things went, but I’d like to drop some notes on just a few other things that everyone should know.
   For future note, PLEASE make sure you always bring the correct clothing and stuff you need to play so that you’re protected from the “elements”.  I myself nearly froze to death on Sunday, thank goodness that we were moving on the court.  Please invest in Sand Socks, Sun shades, bring plenty of bottled water ( or other liquid ), ICE in a cooler is always nice, a few band-aids, etc., and anything else you may need.  Let’s be safe, and be as protected as possible when we’re playing.  I’ll do my best to pick up any slack, but of course, it’s up to you to make sure YOU’RE PREPARED. 🙂
   Another bit of confusion, of which I myself probably caused, is in regards to the “SWV Money Jug”.  Please note there is NO REQUIRED FEE to play.  I only am asking for each of you to contribute to the “general fund”, if you can.  We do not have any permit to be at the park, that’s why I always try to get there early to sorta “plant our flag” to be able to play.  That’s also why I ask everyone to be there when I say games are to start.  IF other folks show up, and don’t want to play with us, we’ll wind up having to wait, and or lose one court.  Hope that won’t happen.  Also, in regards to the monies that we do collect for the generosity of folks, remember that why we are doing this is for two reasons;  Firstly, HALF of all money collected to the end of the season will be donated to “St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital”.  Last year, we were able to give them a check for $300.00 and I hope we can do better this year.  Secondly, the OTHER HALF of what funds are collected go to all the; equipment upgrades and or replacements, medical gear and stuff that we unfortunately need from time to time, repairing the lines, posts, pads, etc., etc., etc..  SO, in order to keep things going I’m asking for a VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION if you are able to do so to add to our Money Jug and help me out.  🙂
   With the help of Dennis Gorman, we FIGURED OUT how to properly play with more than four teams on the two courts.  Bottom line, when there’s a fifth team ( or more ), all playing teams will play one complete set to 21 ( max 25 ), then ALL teams rotate ONCE.  The team on court four (4), will then rotate out for the next set, and the team that was waiting will rotate in to play.  This will maximize all playing times for all people who show up.  This Saturday, after a little bit of wrangling, we got things up and running well.  So, for the future, we’ll be able to stream line things and have no confusion of who goes where, when.
   Please note that when everyone shows up, I need you all to immediately break out into two groups of the ladies and gentlemen.  “I” will then assign you each to a court, and hopefully will place everyone on a well balanced team, or at least as well balanced as I can make it ( depending on who shows up when ).  When you are placed on a team, you will find that there are some who are much better than you.  Also, you’ll find that there are others than have a bit less ability than you.  Regardless of this, WE ALL must WORK TOGETHER, in a positive manner to play our games.  AND we must all play our games according to the rule set that has been established by myself and some others.  The rules have been laid out both for SAFETY and to play as proper a game of volleyball as we can have it.  IF any questions pop up during play, and you can’t figure out what to do, 1).  REPLAY the play, or 2). ASK ME for a ruling.   Last note on all of this is proper etiquette when playing with one another.  To avoid unnecessary “unpleasantness”, let’s ALL try to be positive and kind to one another.  IF for some reason you are having an “issue” come see ME, and I’ll correct any problem.
   LAST NOTE.  This weekend was our first.  It was good.  We had good games, and no one got badly injured.  However, there were some “blips” in some of the gaming going on, which happened somewhat repeatedly.  Just so you all know, we’re going to be increasingly enforcing all of our rules; example – Touching the Net!!!!, and others.  Again, we do this so the game is played as safely as can be, AND that although it might get a bit more difficult, this will help to improve ALL games we play.
   That’s it for now.  Hope to see you all out there next time.  Any questions, give me a shout out.

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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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