Weekend No. 20 : Sat., Sept. 10th & Sun., Sept. 11th. : ( Please read ALL )

Weekend No. 20 : Sat., Sept. 10th & Sun. Sept. 11th.  & Some other Notes  :

Saturday GAMES ON :  Should be a nice day, but a bit warm, please COME PREPARED.   IF we get a great turn out like the previous few weekends, I’ve gotten better at how we’ll break down into five or more teams.

Sunday GAMES ON : NEW START TIME IS NOW 3:00 PM ! ! ! ! ! !  An hour EARLIER because by 7:00pm we are DONE as the sun is gone and we have no more light.  Please be on time, and as early as possible to get full games moving along.  The weather should be good, a bit of clouds out, but low chance of any rain.  Again, COME PREPARED.

My continued thanks to all those folks that continue to support me both financially with the contributions and help setting up and breaking down as well as bringing things to share.  It’s truly wonderful of you and very much appreciated, and helps makes everything work. I hope that even more folks will join on in and continue to help out and support what we’re ALL doing here, to make things even better. Little by little we’re improving things on all fronts.  It’s a good thing to see.   Again, THANK YOU ! ! ! !  –  ( forgive me for not listing all that do, BUT you know who you are 😉 ).

One other important note, Mostly for our New folks, but to reiterate for our typical Carrot-Turtle-Tribe Member.  One of the RULES during game play is  . . .  NO KICKING OF THE BALL is Allowed.  This is NOT Goddamned soccer, it’s Volleyball!!!!  We had a few instances where this caused some issues, thank God minor ones, BUT, in THIS LEAGUE, unless that ball is going to go STRAIGHT UP, and you better hope that happens, NO KICKING or use of the FOOT to get the ball in play will be allowed.  We use our Hands, arms, yeah even other parts of the body. This IS allowed, BUT, kicking causes too many troubles – LIKE ME GETTING BLASTED IN THE !@$*&!!-DAMNED FACE! So, unless you’d like to be asked to ‘kindly’ go away, let’s keep a better control on things.   Another one of our RULES that we play by is . . . . . 2nd Hit is the Setter’s Ball OR yell HELP!!!  Again, this is VOLLEYBALL – Not PING PONG, OR a ONE MAN GAMESHOW.  Our typical game play on the court is that the FRONT-MIDDLE ( No. 3 slot ) is the “SETTER” Position.  That means that the ‘Second Hit’ of that team is the job of the “Setter” to get to the ball and pass it to the strikers.  If you can’t make it, for obvious reasons, YELL HELP!  This is what we strive to do, and more than not want to see always happen.  It makes the game tougher – at first, HOWEVER, it lends to better play if you make it work.  So begin to MAKE IT WORK.  ALSO, it AVOIDS stupid arguments of who’s to get what, when.  I am getting tired of seeing little stupid arguments between some that can’t seem to get this down.  I’m telling ALL to work on it, talk to one another, and LEARN THE RULES. COMMUNICATION is the name of the game, ME including, have to learn to communicate better with our fellow teammates.  Again, “TRY” to play properly, and you’ll find it a better game, better control, and LESS NEEDLESS PROBLEMS AND INJURIES!!!!!  With more and more folks joining us, we need to enforce good rules and proper play to ensure the safety of all, as much as is possible, and to help get good games that are worth the price of admission.  PLEASE Look at the “Rules and Intent” PDF I sent to all – We wrote that up for a reason, AND its on our Facebook page AND its on our WEB site.  I don’t want to hear someone tell me they couldn’t find it. Sorry, but it’s EVERYWHERE if you just go and look for it, or see the first set of emails I ever sent out to you.

For a future note ( 2017 related actually ), I’ll be taking the list of “teams” ( 6’s CoEd – Minimum 2-ladies ON THE COURT at all times, YES a 2 lady min! ) for those that want and are willing to commit and play in the new ” SWV TEAM Game Day “ – that’s in the works.  Right now I believe I have three teams ‘somewhat’ committed. We’re looking for an additional three teams to fill out the full ranks.  ALSO IF you’re all alone, let me know and we’ll assign you as a free agent to one of the teams joining us and or even compose a team from what we get, if we get enough to play in itself.  I haven’t yet finalized the actual day that this will happen, BUT am getting closer to making a final decision on that matter, and hope to give out word to all Sooner rather than later so everyone can set their schedules up for next year. You may think this sounds crazy BUT time moves along faster than you think, and before you know it, it’ll be mid April again and we’ll be roaring to start as soon as possible.  I hope we’ll get the six teams to play and see ya’ll then for the new extension of Sammy’s Weekend Volleyball that will begin next season.  Please note this will NOT interfere with the typical Sat. or Sun. game days.

That’s it for THIS weekend’s gaming and some things coming down the pike.  Please come early, be prepared, let’s have good games and a good time, and NO ONE gets hurt ( especially ME! ).

Any questions on anything I’ve discussed, give me a shout ;                                                                         SammyC  Cell 1-516-457-2876  /  Email  sammyc@optonline.net


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Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm the one who originally began this mission.....get some good folks down to play some fun games of volleyball on the weekend. I hope that your a member to this new website, AND that I get to see you as a continued fixture down at the park where we play, AND help spread the word to others who are like minded, VBaller's! See you then and there! Regards, SammyC

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